Meet the Band

Behind the scenes with the people who make the magic happen

Little Brown Jug Brass Band is a quirky, joyful, exuberant brass band which revels in providing a fun and unique perspective on dance tunes and who take pride in ensuring our audiences have a fantastic time – with a few laughs along the way!

We are a rag-tag group of full and part-time professional musicians with fine arts degrees, music degrees, and post-secondary music training. Our intrepid band of musical explorers insist on working within a fun, co-creative, collaborative environment.  We focus on enjoying the best gifts music has provided us – camaraderie, light-heartedness, connection, and laughter.

Band Members


Our Philosophy

LBJB is a values-based band whose unspoken mission is ‘giving back to the community.’  We recognize the importance of arts education and appreciate the positive impact it has had in each of our lives. So, our focus is to bring those gifts to everything that we do and everyone we meet.

Most of the time that is reflected in the way we approach our work.  We ensure that people who hire us experience us as an affable, accommodating, solution-oriented group who are invested in finding appropriate win-win scenarios in whatever situation we may find ourselves in.

We also know that audience experience is #1, which is why we have become an audience favourite by appealing to multiple generations from diverse backgrounds.

The other way we live our values is in giving back to our music community with an eye to future generations.  Every year since its inception, LBJB has dedicated volunteer time to support other arts educators and programs.

We used our very first concert ever to raise funds for Green Fools’ “Social Circus” program which specializes in working with ‘at risk youth.’

In addition to working a casino en masse for Alberta Music Educators in early February of 2022, our most recent performance was used to raise the profile of, and funds for, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra’s “PhilKids” program which offers music education to ‘under-served youth.’

This year, we’re enthusiastically organizing and facilitating a Christmas/holiday celebration to raise funds for scholarship programs at inclusive music studio, Cornerstone Music Cafe.