Music has been a part of Mark’s life for as long as he’s been alive… actually before that! His dad is a professional trumpet player, so even before he was born, Mark was listening to him practice every day. Mark’s brothers and he grew up admiring the music that constantly rang throughout their home, and as soon as they were 5 years old each had their very first music lessons. Mark’s parents bought him a teeny tiny little cello and got him a great teacher. In grade 7, Mark started having a blast playing the trumpet in band, and soon realized that he loved playing the trumpet more than anything else. In grade twelve, he got his very first paying gig which opened him up to the music performance world. Following in his father’s footsteps, Mark entered the University of Calgary’s music faculty to complete his degree in music performance. During that time he also got a part time job working at a local brewery on the weekends (beer drinking and brass playing? Could there be a more iconic duo??).  While working at the brewery, he got to know a lot of really cool people, but one of his highlights was in February 2020 when Little Brown Jug Brass played our first big concert in the back of the brewery, and we even got Mark (the bartender) to stand up on stage and solo with us that night!  LBJB liked him so much, we wouldn’t let him go! It goes without saying that Mark loves craft beer and playing the trumpet – LBJB ensures he can do them both at the same time! Cheers to drinking beer and making music!