Tarra’s earliest memories of performing was as a toddler pulling electrical plugs out of the wall and using them as microphones to sing into.  Apparently, the Sonny & Cher variety show was her greatest influence in her performance style at that time!  Although throughout school she played many instruments, particularly the cello in the strings after school program, was a member of several choirs, and performed leads in several concerts/operas/operettas etc., her greatest love was Theatre & Musical Theatre.  She used to say that the Divine had a sense of humour – it made her fat and white but gave her a little bit of rhythm. So she did the most logical thing – studied to be a “triple threat” (dancer, singer, and actor) and got her Master’s Degree in Theatre from the University of Calgary. During her studies, she met Jevon whom would be stuck with her for, well, it’s going on over 23 years now.  Tarra’s mother, upon first meeting and hearing that Jevon had a degree in Music, mentioned that her daughter used to play the cello.  Looked at Tarra sadly.  Shook her head.  Looked back at Jevon and said “I wish she still played the cello.” Ever the contrarian, Tarra founded her own theatre company, used Jevon’s music skills shamelessly for his soundscape designs, pre and post show music arrangements, and as Music Director for the musicals she directed.  She is now thrilled to be included in one of his dreams of founding and leading a brass band, and will do everything she can to contribute to the joy, fun, and camaraderie that comes from playing with phenomenal, talented, and hilarious people!