Malcolm’s musical pedigree stems from his parents who were both musicians and owned McKenzie Music Studios in Calgary for many years.  His Dad played accordion and taught bass and guitar, his mom played piano and accordion.  After playing piano and accordion as a child, Malcolm rebelled to get out from under the thumb of his parents’ scrutiny and decided to take up the trombone in junior high school. Along the way he played in the Mount Royal wind ensemble, Calgary Youth Orchestra, high school jazz band, wind ensemble, concert band and Dixie band ensemble for which he won all categories at Kiwanis national level in grade 12 missing his graduation ceremony! He played trombone all the way up until University with the red and blue band at which point he focused on the Computer Science portion of his degree.  He did play for 5 years with the Summit Big Band until 2008, but more importantly, he fell in love, married the love of his life, and together they have a (way too smart) son.  Upon reflection, Malcolm realized that he has travelled to more countries with Jevon in youth orchestra than he has with his wife of 15 years.  This may necessitate a future discussion with his life partner….  His father suggested that music should be something he did for fun later in life. Later is apparently now. When he met up with Jevon again in 2019, Malcolm literally went up into the attic, re-found his trombone after over 10 years of neglect, and borrowed a cloth at Little Brown Jug’s first meeting/rehearsal to wipe off the dust!  So far, Malcolm finds membership of this band a viable stress outlet without requiring a gym membership or monthly dues. It hurts less. Also he likes good beer.