Since before Andrew was even born, music ran through his veins. Andrew grew up in a family with a father who is a professional trumpet player and a mother who’s a music and band teacher. Needless to say, music was always going to be a part of his life – it was just a question of what instrument to play. At age 5 Andrew started on the violin in the hopes of learning how to play the viola when he got older. He grew up playing stringed instruments with both of his brothers, taking private lessons, playing in student orchestras, and playing in chamber ensembles.  Entering Jr. high school, he was stuck between choosing to play the trumpet or trombone in band, but eventually chose the trumpet alongside his twin brother. By the time he reached grade 9 he made a transition to the dark side and found his passion for trombone, bass trombone, and tuba. Throughout high school he practiced the trombone and viola tirelessly which paid off in his being accepted into the music program at the University of Calgary. Throughout university, he decided to make the low brass his specialty – but still plays strings on a regular basis.

Andrew played his first professional gig as a trombonist with the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra in his 2nd year of University. From then on, he focussed mainly on baroque and classical music, but was a frequent sub in the Prime Time Big Band as well. Andrew has always found joy in playing jazz and especially funk and rock arrangements, but never was able to explore them too much until he joined Little Brown Jug Brass!

As Andrew had always dreamed of playing in a funk/jazz band, LBJB has been the perfect opportunity to have fun and expand his skillset in performing. He’s so glad to be a part of such a great ensemble with great people, great beer, and great music!