“Music brings people together. That is the biggest gift by far,” Celene Yohames shares about her experiences in the performing arts. Primarily known as a percussionist in the Calgary community, many might not know that Celene is also a composer and has won awards for her compositions primarily due to her filled schedule of lessons, clinics, and percussion gigs.

As drummer for LBJB, and a mother of a young daughter, Celene certainly knows how important it is balancing her commitments and having people who ‘get it.’ “As for motherhood and music, it’s a lot of organizing and work. I appreciate that LBJB treats my family like family, and that they understand the demands life has. It’s a joy to show up at rehearsal.”

No mention of the LBJB ‘family’ would be complete without including trumpet player Sydney Lafond. Few are more passionate about music education than Sydney. “It taught me self-awareness, collaboration with others, and self-confidence. Everyone at some point in their lives should have some sort of music education, as music can allow for self-expression, while providing a sense of joy into the lives of themselves and others.”

Sydney is currently completing her Masters of Occupational Therapy at Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario right now and is incorporating her Bachelor of Music into her vision for her occupational therapy career. “I have so much heart and love for what I do. In the future, the dream would be to create accessible instruments for people with disabilities, since every person deserves a chance to play music and do what they love!”

What Celene and Sydney both share – other than LBJB’s tremendous good fortune in having them as members – is their excitement for supporting music education in general, and scholarship programs for Cornerstone Music Café specifically.

“I love that the band focuses on giving back to the community by raising money for music education so other people can also have great experiences just like I have!” Sydney says enthusiastically.

“Cornerstone has been a community building hub for as long as Jim and Sylvia have owned it,” Celene adds. “Jim, despite me being the competition as adrum instructor in the area, is a great and smiley human who has always welcomed me to borrow gear or come have a drum hang, or just enjoy a coffee. They created a summer festival and brought more original music to the neighbourhood. Good food, good people, and now (with their expansion) a great space to present music!”

For this reason, LBJB are hosting two holiday concerts to raise money for scholarships for Cornerstone Music Café. The first will be a more intimate concert in Cornerstone’s new performance venue including Special Guest Derek Stoll with some of Cornerstone’s student performers, and the second will be a blow out bash at the Ironwood Stage and Grill! Both concerts will include Special Guest Ashley Ghostkeeper, a Metis-Cree country singer songwriter!

Festivities will include an online silent auction.


  • November 24, 2023 – Intimate Concert at the Cornerstone Music Café – $25 or $55 (which will include a glass of wine and a charcuterie board made up of ingredients from local Alberta producers. )Buy tickets online at https://www.cornerstonemusic.ca/shop-now
  • November 25, 2023 – Blow out Bash at the Ironwood Stage and Grill – $30
    Call the Ironwood Stage and Grill at (403)269-5581 or email reservations@ironwoodstage.ca

24nov7:30 pmWinter Holiday Celebration - Part 1Intimate Concert at the Cornerstone Music Café

25nov8:00 pmWinter Holiday Celebration - Part 2Blow out Bash at the Ironwood Stage and Grill