For those of us who were music students, or parents of students who study the performing arts, we are quite familiar with the usual way lessons would go.  The child is dropped off, the parent/guardian has to find somewhere to be or something to do for an hour, and then the child gets a ride home.  “Heck,” Jevon Hills shares, “my parents would drive me in from Turner Valley weekly, have to find somewhere to maybe grab a coffee, and then we’d drive another 45 minutes to get home.  It was harder in the middle of winter.”

If one is fortunate enough to take lessons with Cornerstone Music Café, they immediately recognize that this music school is different.  They are welcomed into a place that offers good food, delicious beverages, and a comfortable space.  This is not the only way that Cornerstone differentiates itself from other music teachers.

When Sylvia and her husband Jim took over the ownership in 2011, they had a clear vision of what the space could be and have worked diligently ever since to make their dreams a reality.

“Our vision for Cornerstone Music Cafe extended beyond being ‘just a music studio.’ We recognized its potential to transform into a vibrant community hub, a space where individuals could immerse themselves in learning, artistic creation, and shared experiences,” Sylvia explains.

Sylvia is extraordinarily humble, and tends to focus attention in conversation towards the topics of the Café itself or her husband’s accomplishments. But this Metis-Entrepreneur is a driving force in the success of Cornerstone Music Café and has been recognized in her own right by receiving the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal for her contribution to her community in 2022.

Her most recent accomplishment is the renovation and expansion of Cornerstone’s physical space. “Our endeavor to enhance the café’s offerings has culminated in an array of improvements. We’ve expanded the seating capacity in the café area creating a more inviting environment for guests to savour their moments here. Moreover, our dedication to providing a conducive learning space has led to the addition of seven more teaching rooms. These spaces are designed to nurture a diverse range of musical talents ensuring that every student’s journey is met with optimal guidance.”  They have even added a Thursday night ‘jam’ to their offerings!

Sylvia and Jim wouldn’t be artists nor entrepreneurs if they didn’t have even more things they wanted to accomplish.  Sylvia explains, “As we steer Cornerstone Music Cafe toward the future, our passion for music and community remains unwavering. We envision this space to be a sanctuary where melodies resonate, ideas flourish, and connections are forged. With the collective efforts of our team and the support of our patrons, we’re excited to continue nurturing an environment where learning, creativity, and camaraderie thrive.”

It is in support of this vision that LBJB are hosting two holiday concerts to raise money for scholarships for Cornerstone Music Café.  The first will be a more intimate concert in Cornerstone’s new performance venue including Special Guest Derek Stoll with some of Cornerstone’s student performers, and the second will be a blow out bash at the Ironwood Stage and Grill!  Both concerts will include Special Guest Ashley Ghostkeeper, a Metis-Cree country singer songwriter!

Festivities include an online silent auction at Bidding Owl



November 24, 2023 – Intimate Concert at the Cornerstone Music Café – $25 or $55 (which will include a glass of wine and a charcuterie board made up of ingredients from local Alberta producers. )Buy tickets online at
November 25, 2023 – Blow out Bash at the Ironwood Stage and Grill – $30
Call the Ironwood Stage and Grill at (403)269-5581 or email

24nov7:30 pmWinter Holiday Celebration - Part 1Intimate Concert at the Cornerstone Music Café

25nov8:00 pmWinter Holiday Celebration - Part 2Blow out Bash at the Ironwood Stage and Grill