Ron started out in music class in grade 5 where the powers that be handed him a clarinet.  He hated it.  He then switched to drums and fell in love and practiced every waking moment.  That summer, he practiced like mad and in grade 6 he was taken over to the high school for their Christmas pageant and played his first live gig as “the little drummer boy!” Ron went on to attend the International Music Camp on the Manitoba/North Dakota border for 3 years in high school, making honor band in the second and third years. He also played for the opening ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games. During this time, he switched to drum set and played with several rock bands in Manitoba and Alberta.

University, marriage, and kids came along and Ron didn’t play much anymore until his son took an interest and started playing drums in the school jazz band.  Ron would surreptitiously hop on his son’s kit when he wasn’t around and play, rekindling his own interest!  He got back up to speed by taking weekly drum lessons with John de Waal and started subbing for several big band jazz groups in Calgary to hone his sight reading skills. Ron got interested in horn bands when John Abraham asked him to play with Delirium Street Party Brass where he met Jevon. What he likes about Little Brown Jug Brass is the quality of musicianship, the awesome charts Jevon creates, the fun vibe of the members, and the added bonus of trying interesting new craft beers. Ron is decided that he is super happy playing with this awesome band of freaks.