Luke’s music career started when he was 4 years old taking Yamaha piano lessons with his mom in the basement of their local church.  He never practiced enough, so his mom would put her hands over his hands and push the keys down for him in the hopes that he would improve. He took piano lessons for a few more years, which he hated, but his parents insisted he had to play a musical instrument, so at the age of 11 he took up the accordion and rocked it until he was 17. In grade 7, he also started playing in the school band on his grandfather’s 1933 Conn trumpet on which he had to use a piece of string to keep the 3rd valve slide on.  In grade 8 Luke exuberantly etched the Twisted Sister band symbol on that trumpet’s case, and has regretted it ever since.  (He wishes he at least did Van Halen.)  Because he was late in registering for University,  Luke who intended to go into the sciences to be a wildlife biologist had to take his first year in general studies.  During that year, Luke played in the symphonic band and met some disreputable musician types who put it into his head to join the music department culminating in a Bachelor of Music in Secondary Music Education from the University of Calgary. Luke promptly became the Band Leader of the Kaos Big Band for which he was Lead Trumpet.  It was perfect timing for Tarra and Jevon as Luke’s wedding gift to them was providing an 18-piece Big Band for their wedding reception!  (He also played with other ensembles and the Hollenberg/Sandham quintet. But he’s really remembered for the wedding blowout of the season!) Sick of being broke, Luke packed his station wagon and moved to Halifax to work in a music store. Sick of being broke, he moved home, went back to school, and got his Education Degree teaching music to middle and high school students.  Sick of not being a musician, Luke became a stay at home dad to his 2 children.  He has 2 kids, 2 pets, 2 cars, 2 bikes, 2 many instruments (including 2 accordions) and surprisingly only one wife.  Finally in 2019, Luke got sick and tired of Jevon bugging him and threatening not to be his hunting buddy if he didn’t join Little Brown Jug Brass, so Luke finally relented.  (It didn’t hurt that Jevon had a shotgun in his hands at the time.)  Luke is now having a blast blasting his trumpet again after 23 years (no pun intended) and is excited at the possibilities of arranging and writing some original tunes with this obstreperous group!