Baritone Saxophone

When Ethan was a toddler, his mom took him to Kinder Music where he got to do such activities as play on the piano and sing songs about different notes on the keyboard. His love affair with the baritone sax started in grade 5 when his band director had an instrument showcase and he immediately pointed to the bari.  She refused him.  Telling Ethan he was too small for such a large instrument, she handed him the alto sax.  In grade 6, she tried to compromise by offering him the tenor sax at which point Ethan told her stubbornly that it was the bari-sax or nothing.  To punish him, his band director gave him the bari-sax that smelled disgustingly like rotting fish.   The fact that he stuck with it, and within a year could outplay the grade 9’s with the odiferous instrument, illustrates Ethan’s passion! As Ethan says, “It mighta smelled bad, but it was always in tuna!” (As an extra perk of joining LBJB, Ethan is a Padawan learning at the feet of the Masters who will help him learn and hone his dad jokes.) Since then, he has played with the Calgary Round up Band, Bishop Caroll Bands, and a kazoo acapella group.  Despite his youthful age, he’s already played with world class musicians such as members of the Vanguard jazz band from New York, Grammy award winner Ted Nash, Al Muirhead, and is currently studying with Pat Belliveau of Baritone Madness as he pursues his Bachelor of Music degree at Ambrose University.  Nervously expecting a strict, audition-like first rehearsal, Ethan immediately found Little Brown Jug Brass to be a group of collaborative, creative, and exuberantly silly people.  There was no typical ‘hierarchy’ – everyone was on the same page having equal agency and creative input! Surprisingly, this rehearsal environment seemed to produce better results more quickly than others he had experienced to date. It also inspired Ethan to look past the classroom in terms of creating, performing, and playing to even consider arranging songs for the group – something he wouldn’t have even considered before!  Ethan is thrilled to play fun songs with good people, and hopes that his young age can provide a unique perspective to the creativity of the group.  He also joined because every band needs at least one good-looking piece of eye candy!